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What is Curry?
Curry is a general variety of spicy dishes from Asia. Curries are different in many cuisine, best known is in Asian Cuisine, espeacially South Asian Cuisine.MALAYSIA is one of the famous South Asian Cuisine country. Malaysian curries typically use in curry powders rich in turmeric, shallots, ginger, chilies & garlic. Other such as tamarind, lemon grass, ginger flower or curry leave is also often to used.
All sorts of things are curries in Malaysia, including lamb, chicken, beef, shrimp, cuttlefish, fish, eggs, mixed vegetables and type of frozen food or seafood. For the curries preparation may quite complicated for someone, BUT at A1 Best One, we are passionate about all of our curry products & want to share our knowledge and passion with you.
Our Curry & Spices Powder
A1 Mountain Globe Brand Curry Products used in selection spices ingredients & the secret recipies to make you easy and cook delicious curry anytime.
With easy handle packs in right proportions designed for the conveniece and easy follow recipies, your delicious curry dishes will soon be sharing to your neighborhood with our award-wining for all variants flavor of All In One Instant Curry Sauce!
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All In One Instant Curry Sauce
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